Simon Bernard

Simon Bernard

Class of 2015

When Simon Bernard decided to do an Executive MBA, he was relatively new in a team leader role and he was looking for inputs on how to lead more effectively. His studies gave him the necessary solid theoretical and technical background for a career in the engineering industry. However, his exposure to the business side grew and he felt the EMBA was an excellent complement to his engineering studies. Another of his objectives was to develop a professional network in Germany that goes beyond his own industry. Learning from colleagues with different backgrounds was one of the crucial take-aways for Simon:

"On the personal level, the network I developed is one of the greatest contributions of the program. I know many colleagues I can use as a sounding board. Whatever the situation or the challenge I face at work, I have thrusted and resourceful people I can contact for advice."

With its residencies in Europe, North America and Asia, the program met an important requirement for Simon: an international reach both in terms of participants and reputation. Simon feels that the EMBA equipped him with the skill set to have a more global and broad approach when executing projects or developing technical solutions.

"As an engineer, you sometimes get so caught up in the product, in the project. It sounds trivial, but it was eye opening to take a step back and take time to think: what would I do if it was my company? Is what I’m doing the right thing for my customers?"

Simon also strongly values the focus on leadership in the program. Besides classes, coachings and workshops, he considers his class mates a rich source for improving his leadership skills.

"Other students provide you with feedback on your leadership style, something that you seldom get at work in such a direct, insightful and impactful way. Through this, I became very aware of my strengths and weaknesses."

Simon currently works for a globally operating engineering company. He leads a department involved in the preparation of technical proposals for projects worldwide.

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AACSB, EQUIS accredited