Claus-Henning Cappell

Claus-Henning Cappell

Class of 2014

As a participant of the ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA, you can look forward to two exciting residencies that will take you and your class to both Asia and the U.S.

Claus-Henning Cappell, a participant of the Modular track, just came back from his Asia residency, which consisted of a one-week module at the ESSEC Asia Pacific Campus in Singapore and another weeklong module at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

"I grew up in different parts of Asia, so I already knew many cultural aspects of living there. Nevertheless, the residency was a valuable experience for me: It helped me further my skills in Asian business conduct and gain first-hand experience in the local context. Our days were packed with classes, company visits and excursions, turning our trip into a breathtaking cultural deep-dive.

Our experiences were brought into context during class where we discussed the impact of culture on business on business and how global leaders can deal with these challenges."

The emphasis on leadership development was one of the aspects that attracted Cappell to the program and so far his expectations have been more than met:

"Yes, the ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA program teaches you business fundamentals, no doubt about that. But more importantly, it accompanies you in becoming a global leader that understands how to leverage diversity for a common business goal."

Claus-Henning is Senior Program Manager at German software corporation SAP AG.

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AACSB, EQUIS accredited