Dr. Sandra Schug

Dr. Sandra Schug

Class of 2011

Sandra Schug, a banker with a doctorate in molecular virology based in Frankfurt, knows what she wants and is out to get it.

She started the ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA program in April 2010 - only one day after she found out that she was about to become a mother.

Facing the challenges of an international program with stays abroad and a tight schedule of courses she was able to complete the program on time and at the top of her class - while being pregnant and later with a newborn child.

Sandra Schug is convinced: "Advancing your professional career and having children must be possible in today’s time" and she is proving her point daily at the headquarters of Merck Group, where she accepted a position as Inhouse Consultant upon graduation in 2011.

Her biggest take-away from the ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA program: "Don’t ever wait for the "right" circumstances - they never will be. If you want to reach your goals, you have to make circumstances fit your personal way of development."

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AACSB, EQUIS accredited