Jörg Bruch

Jörg Bruch

Class of 2014

When Jörg Bruch started his career with SAP SE, he held a degree in biology and geography, but had no formal education related to his business life. In order to fill this gap after more than ten years of work experience, he decided to join the ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA program:

"One major motivation to do an Executive MBA was to fundamentally learn all the theories, tools, and skills that are relevant in business life. To me, choosing the ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA was a natural choice – first because it is the best business school in Germany and one of the best in Europe; second due to the proximity to my current hometown Heidelberg; last but not least due to the interesting curriculum."

Bruch values the impact his MBA degree has made on his business life:

"The learnings are really helpful in my day-to-day business life, now having a solid background in Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting and many other disciplines. I also found myself reconfirmed in my leadership role, not only within my company but in a group of other executives from different companies and industries with really diverse backgrounds. Finally making so many new connections to other executives, not only in my class but through the Alumni network of MBS also to many others, is a real value in itself."

Bruch's biggest take-away from the ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA program:

"A kind of 'I can do' attitude – going 'back to school,' managing all the lectures and assignments besides my normal work and eventually graduating after eighteen months was a great re-confirmation that I can still learn very efficiently and that I can achieve something great. Also the Entrepreneurial Project was a really changing experience that is hard to gain in a corporate environment. Keeping this entrepreneurial thinking for my work in a corporate environment alive is definitely something that puts the question of value in the center of the work."

Today, Jörg Bruch is Vice President and COO of a large development unit within SAP. While before the degree his daily business was mainly operational and related to budgets before the degree, processes and formal HR topics, he took on additional responsibility after his MBA. His role now also includes product strategy, portfolio, and governance across the product development for 25 different industries and two lines of business.

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AACSB, EQUIS accredited