Oliver Beck

Oliver Beck

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Class of 2011

ESSEC & MANNHEIM Weekend EMBA alumnus Oliver Beck considers himself a "child" of SAP as he has spent his whole professional life working for the German software giant. Going from technical consulting to project management to line management, Oliver had quickly advanced through the ranks – ultimately reaching a point, where he felt the need to look outside his company to further broaden his horizon. When he came across the ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA, the program appealed to him immediately.

"A very diverse participant group, residencies in the U.S. and Asia as well as the excellent reputation of the two Business Schools plus a fully qualified MBA degree as a "reward" seemed to be a good combination of assets."

Especially the Entrepreneurial Project proved to be a truly mind-opening experience for Oliver: "Dealing with a project from the very first idea, forming a functional team and executing more or less all disciplines that you have learned during the program, made the Entrepreneurial Project one of my clear highlights. In addition it really drives you to the limit, because it runs in parallel to some courses, your work and private life."

In Oliver's opinion, the value of the MBA experience cannot be determined purely by calculating a financial ROI:

"The MBA title as such will not necessarily lead to a better job or a higher salary, although it certainly does not hurt. It is the combination of what you learn and what you experience throughout the program that will make the difference. The MBA enhanced my understanding of what it means to run a company and what you have to take into account to be successful. I also learned a lot from the many discussions that we had within my cohort, gaining insights into many different industries, countries and experiences. Lastly, the MBA is also an opportunity for personal growth: it brings you to your personal limit, but also enables you to push this limit further out, thus preparing you for future challenges."

Oliver did not have to wait long for a new challenge to materialize: While still in the program, he was promoted to Vice President and Head of Development Landscape Management and subsequently identified by Forbes as among the Top 10 of Next Generation Movers.

AACSB, EQUIS accredited