Sophie Ismaier

Sophie Ismaier

Class of 2014

After having moved from Brussels to Frankfurt to start her job at DB Netz, the German rail infrastructure company, it very soon became clear to Sophie Ismaier that the project she was in charge of was bearing great business potential still to be unfold, but which would require additional leadership skills and business-oriented competences. At a personal level, she had the feeling that she had made the best use of her public administration profile, strengthened by three years at the European Commission, but yet needed to reach for more. Sophie was looking for an enlargement of her intellectual horizon to what were largely unexplored territories for her and was eager to meet new people. Therefore, she decided to participate in the ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA Program.

The ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA fulfilled all of her expectations. Sophie values in particular the high quality and practice-oriented training and lectures. She regards her participation in the EMBA Program as the experience of a life time:

"The high-level of expectations towards the participants could be met as the group offered motivation and mutual support for delivering the best out of ourselves during the day - and enjoy a great time together in the evening."

On a personal level, Sophie appreciates her personal growth and the bonds with the other participants:

"The EMBA gave me a sound self-confidence, strengthened my ability to propose, decide and deliver, and brought me new, long-lasting friendships. It made me a better and a more resilient professional. In this respect, and even though I largely self-financed the program and attended it on my holidays, I regret neither a cent nor a day. I would do it all over again."

Today, Sophie works as a project manager for DB Netz.

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AACSB, EQUIS accredited