Wolfgang Tilmann

Wolfgang Tilmann

Class of 2010

With a decade's worth of experience in Supply Chain Management in the Life Science and Pharma industry, Wolfgang Tilmann, ESSEC & MANNHEIM Weekend EMBA class of 2010, wanted to further enhance his professional skills.

Tilmann chose the ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA not only for its flexible schedule, which allowed him to balance his academic pursuits and his professional life, but also for its outstanding international reputation as well as Mannheim's renown in the field of business administration and economics.

Today, Tilman is more convinced than ever that he made the right choice:

"The program provided me with the tools to better deal with complex decision-making situations in my professional life. Furthermore, it allowed students to share their professional stories and experiences, helping them calibrate their own decision-making techniques."

In the three years since graduating from the program, Tilmann was able to continuously increase his responsibilities and to advance in his career to the next level:

"The program showed me what I can accomplish in my professional life and motivated me to leave my comfort zone. I became aware that in order to succeed, you have to continuously work on your skillset - learning never stops - it is a journey."

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AACSB, EQUIS accredited